5 Amazing Benefits Of Neem Powder

neem powder

Neem leaf is basically used for tackling eye disorders, heart diseases, diabetes, liver problems, fever and many other problems. Neem is a tree. Everything of this tree is useful such as the bark, leaves and seeds of neem tree are used to make medicines. It’s roots and flower are also used but not much.

Like leaf, the bark of neem helps to give relief from malaria, fever and skin diseases. The flower of neem is used to control phlegm as well as to treat intestinal worms. It’s seed and seed oil is used for leprosy. Moreover, neem stem, root, and fruit are used for tonic. Neem can also be used as an insecticide.

If you’re suffering from asthma, cough, diabetes and urinary disorders than neem twigs is the best option to tackle these problems. Neem twigs can also be used as toothbrushes.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Neem Powder

  • Prevents From Acne/Pimples :- Neem has antiseptic, antioxidant, antifungal and antiviral. These ingredients helps to treat acne or pimples. Many facial creams includes neem powder. Neem powder can also be used to tackle oily skin. There are lot of face-washes in the market which are made up of neem. Neem face washes are very good for skin. You can use MCAFFEINCE NEEM FACE WASH , HIMALAYA NEEM FACE WASH , and KHADI NEEM FACEWASH.  Apart from this you can add neem powder to yogurt. After adding it into yogurt apply that mixture on your face. Rinse it gently after it gets dry. To get better results do this method atleast 3 times in a week.
  • For Hair Loss :- Increase in use of artificial face or body products leads to hair loss. Products such as hair gels, wax, low quality face wash, soaps and many others. You can prevent hair loss by using neem powder. Add some water into neem powder and if possible add aloe vera for better results. Apply this paste on your scalp or root for atleast 30 minutes before bath. Use this method two times in a week. This treatment is the cheapest and best treatment for hair loss. Moreover, this treatment has no side-effects and has amazing benefits.

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Other Benefits Of Neem Powder

  • Tackles Dandruff :- Dandruff can occur due to many reasons but mainly it happens because of the shedding of dead cells from scalp. It can’t harm you seriously but it can give you discomfort and can be irritated. Neem powder can easily remove dandruff. It has antioxidants and antiseptic ingredients which helps to fight against dandruff. Add neem powder in water and than apply that mixture to your hair roots. Keep that mixture on your head for 20-30 minutes and after that rinse it. Use this remedy daily to get rid of dandruff.
  • Eye Infections :- If you’re facing some troubles in your eyes than neem powder is the best method to treat it. Boil some neem leaves and leave that boiled neem water until it gets cold. Wash your eyes with neem water. This will help you to get rid of redness in eye, irritation and will cleans the eyes. It acts as a tonic for eyes. Moreover, this method prevents eye from various types of infection such as eye flu.
  • Cures Poison :- Neem leaves has antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and various other ingredients. All these helps to cure many health problems and also help to treat poisons and insect bites. Neem has anti-clotting components which help it to cure poison. Moreover, it has antioxidants which thoroughly cleans the body and removes all the bad elements. The leaves of neem are also used for the treatment of ulcers and inflammation.

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