5 Benefits Of Eating Walnuts

benefits of walnuts

Simplest foods are always best for your health. Like other nuts. walnuts also contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin A, B, E and many other essential minerals. You can eat maximum 10 walnuts daily, eating too many walnuts can damage your body structure. By the way all the nuts have almost similar benefits but walnut is ahead than other nut family. Let’s study 5 benefits of eating walnuts daily.


  • PREVENTS CANCERS :- There are lot of nutrients present in walnuts and these nutrients can help to control cancer cells and stops their growth. Walnuts have antioxidants in them which plays a large role in removing the free radicals from the body. This process prevents human body from many types of cancer.
  • ENHANCES BRAIN :- Walnuts have lots of neuro-protective compounds and other minerals like vitamin E, omega-3 fats, antioxidants and many more. Several researches proved that eating walnuts increases the brain power and makes the brain more healthy. These walnuts protects the brain from cancer, migraine and other brain related problems.
  • STRENGTHENS REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM :- Modern fast foods makes the reproductive system of humans weak. To make the reproductive stronger eat less than 10 walnuts daily. This will increases your sperm productivity and will cleans the reproductive system. Various scientific researches have proved that eating walnuts daily had improved the shape of sperms and increases it’s vitality.
  • FIGHT AGAINST INFLAMMATION :- Many diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, cancer are caused by inflammation in our body. This inflammation occurs when we don’t exercise and eat bad food. To protect your body start eating walnuts because walnuts have omega-3, magnesium and antioxidants which will completely removes inflammation from your body.
  • MAKES BONES STRONGER :- There are very essential fatty acids, minerals and nutrients in walnuts. These walnuts helps the body to absorb high amount of calcium. This process leads to makes the bones stronger moreover it increases blood flow to the bones. Walnuts also prevents formation of stones in kidneys.

These were the 5 benefits of eating walnuts daily. Always eat less than 10 walnuts daily because excessive amount of intake is always bad for health.



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