5 Foods That Affects Hormones And Skin

hormones and skin

The human body has a protective shield which is known as skin,i.e. the outer layer of our body. Our skin protects us from environmental effects and it also protects our internal organs. This organ needs a lot of care and love. When anything happens wrong in our body that starts reflecting on our skin. For example acne, pimples, dark spots etc.

Hormonal acne is found common in women. This is result of an endocrine imbalance in the body. Hormonal acne may happen to a women before their menstruation cycle.

So let’s know about which things lead to hormonal acne and skin problems.


  •  GLUTEN:- Gluten is a mixture of two proteins in cereal grains, especially found in wheat. It causes swelling in the gut and highly disturbs hormone levels. It can also cause many health problems. Many health experts believe that gluten sticks to the veins and arteries of our body which leads to slow down of fat burn.
  • DAIRY:- Butter, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, frozen desserts, ice creams, whey, milk powder and many more. Dairy products contain synthetic hormones that increase the rate of hormones in the body. A health problem known as leaky guy syndrome is causes from dairy products which further leads to swelling in the body and other problems.
  • SOY:- It is another term for Soya. Soy is a protein derived from the beans of Asian plants and used as an alternative for animals in foods. It contains goitrogens which lead to damaging the thyroid function. Moreover, it has phytoestrogens that can block the hormone estrogen and can damage human tissues.
  • CAFFEINE:- Caffeine is generally found in tea and coffee plants and is a stimulant of the central nervous system. It is good to intake in the morning but it can also affect the skin’s immune response. Coffee and tea can sack important vitamins, magnesium, zinc etc from your body.
  • CANOLA, SUNFLOWER, SAFFLOWER AND VEGETABLE OIL:- These all are oils which are used for cooking. These oils are advertised as the healthy oils for the body, but it’s not true. They contain Omega-6 acids than the Omega-3 fatty acids. An excessive amount of Omega-6 acids in our body can cause skin swelling when the estrogen levels are high.

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