5 New Exercises To Increase Height After 18 Years Of Age

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Who wouldn’t want to have good height and look beautiful ? Well, we all want to be.

A good height plays a crucial role in increasing the personality of a person. Everyone wants to be tall but quite few get this opportunity. There are lots of treatments done to increase height but due high cost not everyone can afford that, therefore not every method give guarantee of success. Here we have new exercises which are scientifically tested to increase height.


  • JUMPING EXERCISE :- It is the one of the best way to increase height in a effective manner. While doing jumping exercise, the calf and spine muscles undergo stretching due to forcefully lifting of the feet. Jumping exercise also increases the blood flow to the muscles and bones and increase bone density.
  • HANGING EXERCISE :- Many people believes that hanging is not an effective exercise to increase height but this exercise is scientifically proven that hanging help you stretch out your muscles. HOW TO DO- Hang on to some bar and remain in position for at least 10 minutes and do this exercise daily to see results.
  • CYCLING  :-  It’s Difficult to believe that cycling helps in height increase but while doing cycling your legs go through a continuous process of workout, stretching increases blood flow and forces muscles to grow flexibly.
  • SWIMMING :- This is a sport pr exercise in which everyone enjoys. It is best exercise to increase height moreover it also develop our body mentally. In swimming continuous action of legs and arms needed to swim on the water. In this process bone and muscles stretching happens in the body which play an important role in height increase.
  • SIDE STRETCH :- Another scientific way or exercise to get a good height. This is a workout for upper body helps in making the muscles flexible. Side stretch exercise also makes the abdominal muscles strong and allows them to function properly. HOW TO DO – Stand straight then take both the arms at the top and join them by connecting your palms together after all this stretch your body on either side. Do this exercise daily.

These were the 5 new exercises to increase height after 18 years of age. Do these exercises regularly to get results. Follow our website to know more and more about human body.


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