5 Things To Add For The Best Bath Ever

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Taking a bath doesn’t means getting clean. Baths are also about refreshing and calming your stressed mind as well as keeps you away from pains. Bathing also cleanses the skin. Instead of using bath products which contains chemicals, you can use natural things to distress your body. We have 5 best ingredients which you can add to your bath water.

5 Things To Add For The Best Bath Ever

  • OATMEAL :- It you’re suffering from allergies, itchy or dry skin. Oatmeal can also treat sunburns as well as poison ivy. It contains lot of essential nutrients and minerals which are very healthy for your body. To have a oatmeal bath than add a cup of oatmeal into your water bucket and allow that mixture for 15 minutes to sit down. After 15 minutes enjoy the benefits of oatmeal.
  • SALTS :- Salt is a good source of magnesium and other essential ingredients which makes the skin soft and smooth. Adding salt in your bath water also helps to relax the muscles and acts as a moisturizer for the skin. Moreover salt reduces wrinkles. If you want to have a salt bath than soak your body in the tub for minimum 10 minutes.
  • MILK :- Milk is a great source of various vitamins and nutrients that can boost the skin and keep it moisturized. Furthermore, milk make your skin soft and smooth as well as it contains lactic acid which is very essential for our body. Add few cups of milk to your bath tub but water should be lukewarm and wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR :- All vinegar are rich source of various essential ingredients but apple cider vinegar is the best one. It contains antioxidants which allows your body to remove the toxins. It improves the skin quality and make it smooth and soft. To bath with apple cider vinegar than add a cup of vinegar to your bathwater and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • GINGER :- Ginger is a great source for antibacterial ingredients which protects the body from cold, flu and various other diseases. It also helps to cleans the body and remove toxins as well as it is good for muscles also. Ginger increases your skin temperature which helps you to feel warm on a cold day.

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