Benefits Of Health Insurance

benefits of health insurance


Health insurance is an insurance taken out to cover the expenses of a medical care. In this insurance you have to pay just a little amount to the company which provides you this insurance and rest of the expenses are carried by the particular company. This insurance is done by various health care companies such as Max life insurance, Japan post insurance, AXA S.A France, SBI general insurance, GEICO, USAA etc.


  • FREE HEALTH CHECKUPS :- The first benefit of health insurance is that you get offers for free periodic health checkups. Every policy holder gets minimum 5 health checkup claims per year in some cases it can be more. In this checkup all the laboratory test are done free.
  • ASSISTANCE ALLOWANCE :-  I’m sure many you don’t know what assistance allowance is. This allowance is given to the person who looks after the patient or is with the patient in the hospital. In this allowance basic needs such as food and refreshment is provided free to the attendant.
  • CONVALESCENCE BENEFIT :- This benefit is also known as recovery benefit. In this benefit the health insurance company carry out all the expenses of the insured person. Some companies also provides associated costs such as compassionate the visits carried out by family members.
  • TOP-UPS AND SUPER TOP-UPS :- In top ups and super top ups you get chance get more health care allowance at lower charges. Many insurance companies provides this benefit to the population of metro-cities. You can also get lucky coupons and get a chance to win beneficial policies. These top-ups are mainly given to old customers but nowadays to attract customers companies have started giving this benefit to freshers also.
  • DOMICILIARY HOSPITALIZATION :- This is another great benefit of health insurance. It is a home based treatment in which if you have disease, illness or any injury the treatment is done at your home by specialized doctors. All the facilities are provided at your door step. This facility is only in metro and big cities. This treatment is given when a patient’s condition doesn’t permit them to visit the hospital or lack of rooms at the hospital.

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