Best Way To Make Coffee

best way to make coffee

Best Way To Make Coffee

With the increase in high-end coffee shops on the rise, our coffee options have also expanded. Coffee shops such as Coffee Beans, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Tully’s Coffee, Tim Horton’s and various others. So from these shops you can get variety of coffee’s. The question of what kind of coffee you want like dark roast, blend, breakfast, etc. But now the question arises how you want that coffee to be made between the french press, pour over, siphon pot and chemex.  For any query related Adsense Account check this.

Making a cup of coffee has become tricky. It forces us to think about: what brewing method should be used to make a best cup of coffee ? So no need to be confused more about the best way of making a cup of coffee. After doing some research on various methods we have founded the best way of making a cup of coffee.

Before finding out the best method we want to aware you about the various methods of brewing the coffee.

Methods For Brewing Coffee

There are many methods to brew coffee but after doing research on every method of brewing coffee we have shortlisted 5 methods. These 5 methods of brewing coffee are the best one and easy to do.

1. French Press

The French press method of brewing coffee is a popular and best choice among the coffee drinkers around the world. With the method of french press people enjoy the full flavor of coffee.

To make coffee through French press method follow the tips written below :

Things you need

Ingredients :- 1/2 cup freshly roasted coffee beans, 4 cups of cold water.

Equipment :- Burr grinder, French Press, electric kettle or a stovetip kettle, long spoon.


  • Measure the coffee beans
  • Grind the coffee beans using burr grinder
  • Heat the water to boiling, then cool for 1 minute using stovetop or electric kettle
  • Add water to the French press
  • Stir the brew
  • Steep for 4 minutes
  • Plunge the press

2. Aeropress

This is the another best method to brew coffee. The Aeropress uses pressure to brew coffee. It is the smartest way to brew coffee because it is done with zest, care and attention.

Things you need

Ingredients :- Water, whole coffee beans

Equipment :-

  • Kettle
  • stovetop or electric
  • Aeropress, including scoop, funnel and stirrer
  • Coffee grinder
  • Mug or small pitcher


  • Heat the water and let it cool for 1 minute
  • Grind the beans, take 4 tablespoons of coffee beans
  • Wet the Filter
  • Add the coffee by placing funnel on the top of the cup and pour coffee into it and than remove the funnel
  • Add the water in the coffee until it comes to the top line on Aeropress
  • Stir
  • Press it by inserting the plunger
  • Taste and dilute

3. Chemex

The chemex coffeemaker is a manual pour-over style glass coffeemaker. It was invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. Making a cup of coffee with chemex coffeemaker isn’t quite as easy as pushing a button, but the rich and clean results are worth it.

Things You Need

Ingredients :- Coffee beans, ground or whole, filtered water

Equipment :-

  • Chemex coffee brewer
  • Chemex paper filter
  • Kettle
  • Burr Grinder


  • Measure out the suitable amount of filtered water for the number of cups of coffee.
  • Put that water into the kettle to boil.
  • Open up chemex paper filter and place that filter inside the cone of the chemex brewer.
  • Rinse the filter with hot water to prevent papery taste in your coffee.
  • After the water boils, pour a couple of ounces over the filter.
  • Remove excess water from the brewer.
  • Measure coffee beans and grind them using burr grinder.
  • Chemex recommends 1 tablespoon of coffee per 5-ounce cup.
  • Water should be cooled to around 200 Degree F.
  • Once all the water has dripped through remove the filter and grounds.
  • Pour your coffee and enjoy.

4. Automatic Coffee Maker

This is the fastest way to brew the coffee as well as it’s taste is also good. It brews coffee in just 2 minutes and little effort is required to brew coffee using automatic coffee maker. To know how to use this automatic coffee maker machine properly follow these guidelines:

  • Grind coffee to a medium fine particle size
  • Add 1 tablespoon of coffee to a paper filter for each cup of coffee you want to make.
  • Add cold and filtered water to the reservoir. ( Use 6 ounces of water for each cup of coffee)
  • Press the start button and wait.
  • After two minutes your coffee will be ready to drink.

5. Moccamaster

The moccamaster is the best way to brew large amount of coffee filters. This method easily brews 10 cups of coffee at a time. Follow the guidelines below: 1.25 litre Moccamaster batch brew.

  • Fold the filter paper
  • Rinse the paper and basket with hot water
  • Grind 78 gram of coffee
  • Fill the tank with 1.2 litre of water ( room-temperature ).
  • Set the filter basket to closed
  • Turn on the switch to start the brewer
  • Stir
  • Set the filter basket to open
  • Lift and tap the filter basket
  • Pour the coffee into cups and enjoy

Products For Brewing Coffee

There are thousands of products to brew coffee. You would be confused which product is of good and which one is bad. After doing research on all coffee products we have shortlisted the best and trustable coffee products for you.

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