dark circles

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark Circles Under Eyes Many people think that dark circles under eyes are a serious health problem. But this is not true the dark circles only affect your look. They show you... Read more »

5 Best Effective Anti-Dandruff Shampoos For Your Hairs

Everyone faces the problem of dandruff and it is one of the most annoying scalp issues. Seborrheic dermatitis is the medical name for dandruff. It is caused by a yeast create a... Read more »

How to Whiten Yellow Stained Teeth

How To Whiten Yellow Stained Teeth Everyone dreams of having a perfect smile. To have a perfect hollywood smile you need to have white teeth. Although, not everyone can afford to go... Read more »
oily hairs

How To Get Rid Of Oily Hairs

There is one natural oil in our hair and that oil is ‘sebum’ but overproduction of this oil leads to bad and oily hair. Many people apply products like hair gels, waxes... Read more »
face pimples

How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Having a big and red pimple on your face happens with everyone. Acne is a very common skin problem which affects almost 90% of people at some stage in their lives. There are lot... Read more »
hormones and skin

5 Foods That Affects Hormones And Skin

The human body has a protective shield which is known as skin,i.e. the outer layer of our body. Our skin protects us from environmental effects and it also protects our internal organs.... Read more »
hair loss treatment

Say Good Bye To Hair Loss

WHAT IS HAIR LOSS ? There is a disease called Alopecia which is also known as hair loss which forces your body hair to fall. In hair loss disease new hair don’t... Read more »
whiten teeth naturally

How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

INTRODUCTION According to a research Americans alone have spent over $11 billion on teeth whitening in 2015. There are lots of products which helps to whiten our teeth. However, most teeth whitening... Read more »