Breathing Problem Can Seriously Affect Your Body

breathing issue

Polluted air, adulterated food and change in lifestyle has increased the problem of breathing in people. The increase in number of breathing problem in people can lead to diseases like aids and cancer.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease’ is a disease has affected people more than any other disease. But in India most of the people are affected with ‘pulmonary tuberculosis’. This disease damages the lungs and also affects its working. After this the human body is unable to get oxygen according to its need and this creates breathing problem as well as weakness start happens in the body. Not taking action or showing irresponsibility against this disease creates big problem for the body and treatment gets more tougher.

According to Dr. Pratap, there are lot of reasons for breathing problem but cough is a common reason. Whenever a patient goes to doctor for his cough treatment than doctor gives some antibiotics to the patient. After intaking that medicine the patient feels better than before. Intaking antibiotics again and again also leads to breathing problem and people are not aware of this. Later on this problem get’s shape of serious problem.

The main factor which leads to breathing problem is smoking. The smoke of cigarettes badly affects the breathing organs and nerves. It slowly affects the organs and it happens secretly even doctors are unable to catch the result. The smoke of gas stoves also affects the breathing organs.

The breathing problems in the world are increasing day by day. In India people between the age of 20-30 are being affected by breathing problem.

How To Prevent Yourself From Breathing Problem

A person can prevent himself by maintaining distance from smoking, gas stoves, and other harmful things. Doctors can also help you to prevent yourself from this problem. Get tips from your family doctor. Expert doctors and scientist need to develop there technology to notice this breathing problem in first scan of the patient. Some patient visits the doctor when they’re too serious and for this doctor needs create a medical history of the patient and testing the lungs.

The blockage in the breathing nerves can’t be fully treated but testing and treating the lungs can keep the diseases away. The machine which tests the lungs is not much expensive it’s price ranges from INR. 30,000 to INR. 1,00,000.

By creating awareness among the public can help a lot to tackle this problem.

Important Message For All :- Use hashtag #indiacontrolpopulation and #worldsaveenvironment on your all social media sites to awake the people from these big issues.

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