How To Take Care Of Hands In Winter

how to take care of hands in winter

How To Take Care Of Hands In Winters

It is a common problem for the skin to be dry in the winter season. You notice your hands are rough, scaly and dull looking winters. You’re not alone who is facing this dry hand problem. During winter the cold air snatches the natural moisturisers from the skin. If you’re facing this problem and doing nothing to get rid of dry hands than you may face problems like allergy and eczema. In winter skin problems occur on both hands and feet.

Many people don’t take this problem seriously. However, hands are the visible part of your body and these shows your personality too. Dry hands will lower down your personality whereas smooth and shinny hands will enhance your personality.

how to take care of hands in winter

In winters everyone face the problem of dry hands and to take proper care of your hands you need to follow some tips. After reading all these tips as well as by implementing them your dry hands will turn into smooth and shiny. So here are the tips for how to take care of your hands in winters.

  • Always use good and best quality soap to wash your hands. Bad quality of soap harms the skin of hands and decreases there smoothness.
  • After properly washing your hands with good quality of soap than clean them with warm towel. Don’t wash your hands again and again in winters. By washing hands again and again damages the skin.
  • Take care of your nails and clean them once in a week.
  • After washing clothes and finishing all the work at home put your hands in a bowl filled with vinegar. Put your hands in vinegar for 4-5 minutes and after that clean them and then apply good quality of cream on them. This enhances the beauty of hands.

how to take care of hands in winter

  • Washing your hands with water which comes out while boiling the potatoes. This method soften the skin of hands.
  • If your have rough hands than to get rid of rough hands than before sleeping put one teaspoon of soda and one teaspoon of glycerine in one litre water after this put your hands for 15 to 20 minutes in the mixture. Later clean them and apply some cream on your hands. You will be shocked by seeing the results of this tip.
  • Before sleeping apply some smooth cream or oil on your hands. This method will increase the beauty of your hands and will make your hands soft.

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