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high and low blood pressure


Blood pressure has become a household word and it is not uncommon to hear this being mentioned during heated arguments between husband and wife, teacher and student specially the lady of the house and the domestic servant. In such contexts the word ” blood pressure ” is being used for ” high blood pressure ” , a term in medical dictionary called Hypertension. Under circumstances of a hostile environment, annoying situation, provocative remarks and stressful situations, a person may feel restless unable to concentrate, shaky hands, red face and flushes eyes, headache. These are usually manifestation of blood circulation in the body at a pressure higher than what that individual is normally used to be in day to day life. According to World Health Organisation ( WHO ) normal blood pressure in adults is less than 140/90 mm Hg.


When high blood pressure is found in children and young adults, there is generally a causative factor like some abnormality in the major blood vessels of the body or those of the kidneys or some tumors in or around the kidneys. Some risk factors of high blood pressure are :-

  • Overweight
  • Sedentary way of living and lack of physical exercise
  • Excessive alcohol consumption of more than two ounces of whiskey in a day or equivalent of that in other spirits
  • Excess salt intake
  • Repeated exposures to stressful situations at work or at home
  • Cigarette smoking


High blood pressure is generally a “silent disease”, specially when it has developed over a long time. Fear, anxiety, anger, apprehension, tense and hostile surroundings often tend to raise blood pressure. Some common symptoms of high blood pressure are :-

  • Headache.
  • Heaviness in head.
  • Impairment in vision.
  • Disturbed sleep or lack of it.
  • Loss of concentration in work.
  • Heavy breathing during work or climbing stairs.
  • Nose bleed.
  • Chest pain.


Any body who is found to have high blood pressure must get the following investigations done which will help to possible causes for high blood pressure. The investigations include (i) Blood tests for haemorgram, urea, sugar, uric acid, cholesterol. (ii) Urine analysis for albumin and microscopy. (iii) X-rays of chest and abdomen. (iv) ECG. (v) Ultrasound of abdomen for kidneys and adrenal glands. (vi) Eye check up.

Detailed investigations is an integral part of the treatment as if helps to direct the doctor to give correct treatment.

Proper treatment consists of :-

  • Non drug measures.
  • Drugs for high blood pressure.
  • Angioplasty with stents (Ballooning).
  • Surgery.

The non drug measure for treatment of high blood pressure include :-

  • Weight reduction in those who are over weight.
  • Doing regular physical exercise specially brisk walks, swimming and other dynamic exercises.
  • Avoiding excess salt and spirits (alcohol).
  • Avoiding smoking.
  • Practice of mental relaxation through meditation, music, yoga, study of religious scripture and attending religious congregations.


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