How To Get Rid Of Oily Hairs

oily hairs

There is one natural oil in our hair and that oil is ‘sebum’ but overproduction of this oil leads to bad and oily hair. Many people apply products like hair gels, waxes and many others which makes the hair more greasy. Hair plays a great role in defining a personality of a person. If you’re not taking care of your hair than indirectly or directly you’re hurting your personality.

What Makes Hair Oily ?

To deal with oily hair the first step is to find the reasons behind oily hair. Sometimes oily hair take place due to hormonal problem that occurs due to pregnancy, puberty, menopause, etc due to this the production of sebum oil increase in our scalp. If you’re facing oily hair problem without having any of the above problem than this article is for you.


  • CHOOSE SHAMPOO WISELY :- A shampoo of good quality protects your hair from every problem which that shampoo will have essential and pure ingredients in it. Always use shampoo which contains salicylic, ketoconazole, sulfide these acids will deeply cleans your scalp and will make it more healthier. If you’re confused to use a good quality shampoo than we advice you to use this > SEBAMED EVERYDAY SHAMPOO.
  • AVOID TOUCHING YOUR HAIR :- Avoid touching your hair as well as your face also because your fingers and face both produces oil. Fingers are capable of consuming oil and when you touch your hair again and again your fingers drop oil on the scalp. Sometimes your fingers have touched some chemicals and after that you still you play with your hair. Touching hair with fingers is the main reason for oily hair.
  • ALOE VERA :- This is the best home remedy to tackle with oily hair. Aloe makes hair smooth and shiny moreover they removes unwanted oil, dandruff. It acts as a bodyguard for your hair. You need 1-2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel , 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 cup of water. Mix these three things well in one bowl and than apply it on your hair for 10-15 minutes and after this wash it off. To get better results use this remedy once a week.
  • WASH LESS OFTEN :- Several researches has shown that as much you will wash your hair the amount of oil production will also increase with it. One more reason, washing your hair with shampoos and conditioners which contains silicone increases oil production. If you’re washing your hair daily with shampoo than change this bad habit immediately. Washing hair 2-3 a day removes sebum oil from your hair and scalp reacts to this by producing more sebum oil.
  • COCONUT AND TEA TREE OIL :- You will be surprised that how that applying oil on scalp will removes oil from hair. The excessive production of oil on your scalp is bacterial oil and these two oils are known for fighting against this. These both have antimicrobial which help to reduce bacteria and fungus. Use a little amount of oil everyday on your scalp. HEAPWELL COCONUT OIL , TEA TREE OIL.

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