How To Tackle Heart Attacks

heart attack symptoms

Heart attacks happens due to sudden blockage of an artery. An artery is known to supply blood to an area of heart. A heart needs adequate blood supply. As per our age, smooth walls of arteries become damaged and narrow due to fatty materials which are known as plaque.

Therefore, due to fatty materials the fibrous cap of the plaque damages. A blood clot forms which blocks the artery that’s why supply of blood is blocked and leads to heart attack. Here are some tips to reduce risk factors which leads to heart attacks.


  • Healthy And Balanced Diet :- It is necessary for a good health to eat healthy and balanced diet. In order to tackle a heart attack, balanced diet is must contain a good amount of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Consumption of calories should be limited. A person should take maximum 2000 calories per day to prevent himself from heart diseases. Avoid oily and junk foods like pizzas, burgers, fries, cakes etc. For proper nutrition eat fruits, beans, protein rich vegetables, essential oils, nuts.

                                                     Avoid Drugs

  • Quit Smoking :- Smoking not only increases chances of heart attacks but also leads to cancer. It makes the blood thicker and leads to formulation of clots. Smoking contains high amount of nicotine and this leads to production of adrenaline. Adrenaline raises blood pressure and therefore heart starts to beat faster. This leads to heart attack. It also creates smoke inside the body which decreases blood flow to many parts of the body. Brain cancer is largely caused by smoking.
  • Avoid Alcohol Consumption :- Nowadays consumption of alcohol is increasing day by day. Drinking too much alcohol is very dangerous for your health. It increases blood pressure, cardiomyopathy, cancer and other diseases. Alcohol damages liver and kidneys as well as it decreases life span of a person. Sometimes alcohol is good for health but it should be in limit. According to experts, two drinks per day for man and one drink for women is enough and has no effect on body. Always drink best quality of alcohol because low quality alcohol is unhealthy for you.

                                                 Exercise Daily

  • Do Physical Activities :- To prevent yourself from this deadly problem than get up and start physical activities. Many researches has shown that doing exercise daily opens all the block nerves and increase blood flow in body. Moreover, physical activities such as exercising helps people to stay happy. Do aerobics this is the best activity to do and is very interesting. There are lot of exercises to do and every exercise has many benefits. Have a morning walk daily, this step will permanently prevent you from heart attacks. To learn best exercises follow this link. BEST EXERCISES TO DO.

                                                        Other Tips

  • Control Diabetes :- Diabetes is another reason for heart attacks. According to researches, at least 70% of people who’re less than 65 years of age has high risk of heart attacks due to high diabetes. Nearly 18% of people die of stroke and other risk factors like high blood pressure, obesity, etc leads to heart attacks. To know more about diabetes follow this link. DIABETES: CAUSES, SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT.
  • Consult With A Doctor :- If you think that you’re feeling unwell than immediately rush yourself to the doctor. Sometimes small things can cause big damage to you. Always be careful about your health. If you’re facing chest pain than it can lead to heart attack. So before it happens take doctor’s advice.

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