How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

whiten teeth naturally


According to a research Americans alone have spent over $11 billion on teeth whitening in 2015.

There are lots of products which helps to whiten our teeth. However, most teeth whitening products have some chemicals in them. If you want to whiten your teeth without the use of chemicals then this article will be best for you.


There are many reasons for yellow teeth but only two reasons play a big role in this. The two reasons are :-

  • STAINS :- Stains are mark or discolour with something that can’t be removed easily. Smoking, Tobacco and other products like this leads to stains. Other sources such as coffee can also stain the teeth.
  • ENAMEL DIMINISHING :- The outer layer of teeth is known as enamel and it’s colour is white which protects the deeper tooth structure. When the enamel layers starts diminishing the teeth begin to look darker.


  • MAKE DIETARY CHANGES :- Removing food products which make your teeth yellow is the first step towards whiten your teeth. Beverages such as wine, tea, coffee, juices, dark sodas etc contains tannins which leads to teeth stain. Try to avoid these beverages. Quit smoking and tobacco products which are major reason for yellowish teeths moreover these products can also cause cancer. Acidic foods can also make your teeth to look yellow. Make some changes in your diet to make your teeth whiten.
  • BRUSH WITH BAKING SODA :- Baking soda is the best source to remove stains and polishing the teeth. There are some myths about baking soda that it is too harsh and may remove the enamel layer, but a research was done in 2017 found that baking soda is the safest way to remove teeth stains.
  • BRUSH TWO TIMES A DAY OR MORE :- Always brush minimum two times. First in the morning and then in the evening. If you have eaten food products like chocolates, sweets than brush after eating these products. Use a toothpaste and toothbrush of good quality. Brushing more than two times a day is one of the best way to get your teeth white. Want to use toothbrush/paste of best quality than follow this link > AMWAY GLISTER TOOTHPASTE.   PERSONA TOOTHBRUSH.
  • VISIT DENTISTS WEEKLY :- Have a weekly teeth checkup from your dentist because teeth are the main source to eat anything so provide proper maintenance to your teeth. If you’re going through the proper teeth checkups from your dentist than you will have strong and whiten teeth.
  • NATURAL REMEDIES WHICH MAY HARM :- There are some natural remedies also which hurts the teeth structure. Lemons, apple cider vinegar, oranges, activated charcoals harms the teeth and make them more weak and yellowish. Avoid the use of these products on your teeth.

So these were some the methods which you should follow to whiten your teeth. If you want to know more about teeth than keep connected with our website by just filling your active email id below on the sign up form.




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