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There is a disease called Alopecia which is also known as hair loss which forces your body hair to fall. In hair loss disease new hair don’t replace fallen hair. According to a research done by American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) found there are more than 80 million people in America are effected by hair loss.


There can be many reasons for hair loss such as major illness, surgery, or and traumatic incident can lead to hair loss. Hormonal changes can also be the factor of hair loss. More important using low quality shampoos or any product used on human body also leads to hair loss. The main reason of hair loss on your body can only be described by Dermatologist Doctor.


Here are some tips which you need to follow if you want to say good bye to hair loss.

  • GREEN TEA :- Several researches have shown that rubbing green tea on your hairs will help to tackle hair loss problem. Brew two bags of green tea in one cup of water and wait until it turns cold. After brewing apply green tea on the affected areas or on other hair areas too. Rinse your hairs after one hour. Do this treatment daily for two weeks.
  • AVOID LOW QUALITY PRODUCTS :- Low quality products deadly chemicals which have a great impact on our body function and structure. Chemicals in these products have many side-effects which can’t only lead to hair loss but more than it also. So always use high quality products.
  • AVOID SMOKING :- Smoking cigarettes directly effects all the parts of our body. Cigarettes reduces the flow of blood to the scalp and other parts of body. Hairs need blood flow grow and survive.
  • INTAKE VITAMINS :- Sometimes there is lack of vitamins in our body which also leads to hair loss. Intake vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, Iron and Zinc. You can get these vitamins from balanced diet.
  • HAIR TRANSPLANT :- If no natural and artificial treatment or remedy is not working than Hair transplant treatment is the best way to recover lost hairs. This treatment is little bit expensive but if have health insurance than you only need to pay small portion of the total amount. There are lots of clinics and hospitals practiced by experienced doctors which will definitely solve your problem of hair loss.

These were some tips to stop hair loss. If you’re facing hair loss problem than don’t just read this article but also do implement on these tips.

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