Say No To Romaine Lettuce Warning By CDC

romaine lettuce

What Is Romaine Lettuce ?

Romaine lettuce is also known  as cos lettuce. This lettuce grows in strong dark green leaves. Romaine lettuce can easily tolerate heat. It has more number of nutrients compared to iceberg lettuce. As romaine lettuce has dark leafy green which have antioxidants and these antioxidants help to prevent cancer.

Latest Reports For Romaine Lettuce

According to the latest report by Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Americans should not eat romaine lettuce. As of November 2018, US and Canadian health organisations bans the commercial use of romaine lettuce in the market. CDC also suggested to stop the consumption of romaine lettuce at home or in restaurants. Romaine lettuce is banned because it contains E coli  bacteria which is dangerous for human health. At least  32 people is US are being affected by this bacteria. The first incident of E coli  bacteria started in October and 13 people were hospitalised. However, no death were reported but this bacteria can harm internal organs seriously. This E coli  bacteria is being noticed in the states of US and Canada. California is leading with ten cases happens due to intake of romaine lettuce.

Avoid Using Romaine Lettuce

CDC has advised North Americans to avoid using romaine lettuce. As romaine lettuce contains E coli  bacteria which is harmful and cause damage to human health. We advise you to avoid romaine lettuce use at home or in restaurants. People who have any type of romaine lettuce in their home should avoid eating them and should throw them. If you don’t know that the lettuce is romaine or any other than please throw it away and prevent yourself. Avoid this following types of romaine lettuce.

  • Whole head of romaine lettuce
  • Hearts of romaine lettuce
  • Salad mixes which contain romaine lettuce
  • Baby romaine lettuce
  • Spring mix
  • Caesar Salad.

Preventive Measures To Be Taken For Romaine Lettuce

  • Wash that areas where romaine lettuce was stored and try to sanitize it as well.
  • Immediately rush to hospital if you’ve eaten romaine lettuce.
  • Consult with your doctor.
  • Throw romaine lettuce.
  • Assist Public health investigators.
  • Inform your close ones about this romaine lettuce outbreak.

What is E coli Bacteria ?

This bacteria was discovered in 1885 by German bacteriologist Theodar Escherich. Dr. Escherich has showed that this bacteria leads to infant diarrhea and gastronteritis. This type of bacteria normally lives in your intestines. Most types of E coli  bacteria are harmless. But in romaine lettuce this bacteria leads to many problems in human body.

Symptoms Of E coli bacteria

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness

About Centers For Disease Control And Prevention ( CDC )

CDC is a national public health insititute of the United States of America. It works under Department of Health and Human Services and have headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. CDC has over 15000 employees and have annual budget of 11.1 billion US dollars in financial year 2018. Robert R. Redfield is currently playing the role of CDC Director.

The motive of CDC is to protect public health and safety. CDC aware people about health problems and give them suggestions for improving health quality. It also do researches on many disease.

Recent research of CDC is on E coli  bacteria which is found in romaine lettuce. CDC is doing it’s best to take preventive measures to prevent North Americans for this bacteria.

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