hepatitis c

Hepatitis C : Causes, Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

What Is Hepatitis C ? Hepatitis C is an infectious disease. This disease is caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Hepatitis C causes inflammation and infection in the liver. This virus... Read more »
hiv aids symptoms

HIV And AIDS: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And More

What Does HIV/AIDS Means ? Before talking further about HIV and AIDS you should be aware of what does it means. HIV means human immunodeficiency virus infection and AIDS means acquired immune... Read more »
child stomach pain

Is Your Child Suffering From Vomiting And Diarrheoa ? Probiotics Won’t Treat Stomach Flu

What Are Probiotics ? Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts which are good for your body. They’re very good for digestive system. People think that these are germs that cause diseases. Your... Read more »
malaria symptoms

Malaria Report: India And 15 Other African Countries Holds 80% Of World’s Malaria Cases, Says WHO

World Health Organisation: Malaria Report 2018 In 2010, there were about 240 million malaria cases worldwide. With the efforts of WHO these malaria cases decreased to 210 million cases in 2015. But... Read more »
neem powder

5 Amazing Benefits Of Neem Powder

Neem leaf is basically used for tackling eye disorders, heart diseases, diabetes, liver problems, fever and many other problems. Neem is a tree. Everything of this tree is useful such as the... Read more »
heart attack symptoms

How To Tackle Heart Attacks

Heart attacks happens due to sudden blockage of an artery. An artery is known to supply blood to an area of heart. A heart needs adequate blood supply. As per our age,... Read more »
secret gym tips

Secret Gym Workout Tips

Getting fit and staying fit is a big challenge. There are lots of gym workouts and every workout has many alternative exercises. For example, if you’re not comfortable with a particular workout... Read more »

The Secret Of Healthiness Is Smile

Introduction The greatest gift from god to a human being is smile. Our face is the mirror of our heart. Whatever happening in a human body your face expresses it and people... Read more »
high and low blood pressure

High Blood Pressure Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Introduction Blood pressure has become a household word and it is not uncommon to hear this being mentioned during heated arguments between husband and wife, teacher and student specially the lady of... Read more »

How To Save Your Throat From Pollution

Nowadays the pollution is rising day by day and in this situation pollution effects human throat at large. Throat is that part of our body which catches large amount of outside material.... Read more »