The Secret Of Healthiness Is Smile



The greatest gift from god to a human being is smile. Our face is the mirror of our heart. Whatever happening in a human body your face expresses it and people can easily guess your mood. Religious books says that 80 percent diseases in human body are just in our mind and the don’t take place which directly effects human body.

The life always not go like we think so situations change and in bad situation to keep yourself happy is a art. Up and downs happens in everyone’s life. In anxiety of fear and tension you can’t change your situation, so always be in happy mood to keep your body fit and fine. Anger on every conversation will lead to wrinkles on your face and anger invites lots of diseases. Keep yourself away from anger. Angry mood can also affect your mental health. Always be happy to see someone’s success, never feel jealous because by doing this the loss is yours.

There is one simple trick to be happy is to keep yourself and others happy. Face difficult situation with calm mind. To keep yourself permanently happy change your nature and lifestyle. People who are happy are good example of sharp mind. To smile only the movement of lips is needed. A person with a smile is like a water fountain and his drops impress the public as well as happiness also increases life expectancy. If you want to feel happy at time of sorrow than try to become cheerful.

A cheerful face attracts everyone as well as a cheerful person never feel bad. Person with joyful nature faces every difficulty with a smile and because of this that person clears every problem easily. A person whose mind is happy has long life compared to others. The more we will invite happiness the more it will increase.

According to scientist laughing loudly keeps lungs healthy as well as it pure the blood. If you’re of joyful nature than people will enjoy your company and they will also feel happy. A cheerful nature keeps kidney stones, cancer, heart diseases and many others away from you.

Diseases and problems are afraid of people who have cheerful nature. Try to find ways and tricks for smiling. Keep yourself and your friends and family happy. Come let’s learn to smile and laugh on every moment of life and don’t forget to share your happiness with others because sharing is caring.

Some Books To Learn How To Be Happy


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